Santa Fe’s next generation of Social Entrepreneurs have arrived

After careful deliberation by an expert panel of judges, Impact Network Santa Fe (an SFIP collaboration with the Story of Place Institute) has chosen its first class of social entrepreneurs to venture on a five month fellowship to gear their businesses for optimum results. Social enterprises are those that harness market forces and utilize business skills and practices in order to achieve a social objective, and are a critical element of the overall INSF initiative.

The IN Santa Fe Challenge Fellowship is an opportunity for select social entrepreneurs to seed their projects, learn, grow and sustain their enterprises. It brings together a small number of social entrepreneurs for a five-month period with supporting members of the community to develop integrated business plans that can leverage the systemic impact of their startup ventures. These projects were selected through a competitive challenge, and winners will work closely with a team of topical experts and resource networks. Beyond the five-month “challenge” period, IN Santa Fe will continue to serve as a networking and resource support platform for these entrepreneurs.

Winners of the INSF fellowship are…

Awesome Harvest – An innovative local green manufacturing company in Santa Fe, NM that is currently looking to scale up its business.


Comida de Campos – An Embudo family farm, seeking to keep local farming sustainable and alive as a family tradition, is currently launching an innovative farm-to-vending machine venture that seeks to deliver fresh, healthy food products directly to the work-place.


Tall Foods – Winner of “Best New Social Enterprise Award” at Santa Fe Startup Weekend 2014, Tall Foods is an exciting new local startup company that seeks to bolster sustainable ranching through the farming and marketing of tasty tall foods (aka ostrich).


Wildfire Network – A local nonprofit startup that is developing an innovative social entrepreneurial model for developing capacity to address our region’s looming wildfire mitigation and forest resiliency hazards.


These amazing social entrepreneurs from all areas of the social venture spectrum will partake in a five-month curriculum geared up with supporting members of the community to develop integrated business plans that can leverage their systemic impact.

This sounds great! How do I get involved?

Do you have an idea that didn’t make it into the Challenge? We want to know what you’re up to! Maybe the timing was off, maybe you need a bit more planning, or maybe we’re just not ready for you, but we want to stay in touch with what you’re developing.

Please fill out this short form in regards to what you’re working on and we’ll be in touch with any interested parties (investors, experts, enthusiasts, etc.).  Also, if you’re a potential investor, or want to learn more about impact investing and what INSF is up to, please feel free to fill out our form. Finally, you can sign up for the INSF newsletter here.