The Santa Fe Innovation Park is a real-world R&D laboratory for social systems innovation. SFIP features transdisciplinary collaborations, bringingtogether institutional and individual leaders from industry and commerce;  the public and social sectors; science, technology, and engineering; and design, art, and creative fields. SFIP serves as a catalyst and integrator, enabling collaborative partners to produce practical solutions to important, systemic problems.

SFIP’s real-world R&D capacity enables experimentation and innovation at the whole systems level. Our community-centric solutions are developed in a local setting, assessed for effectiveness, and then scaled and diffused as broadly as possible to maximize impact. You can view a two-minute video clip on SFIP here:

The City is the Park

SFIP is a “virtual” innovation park, with flexible facilities and collaborators assembled on a project basis. We draw from the full range of resources in the Santa Fe and northern New Mexico area, and beyond. In effect, SFIP is the Method, and the City is the Park

In many ways, this represents a new wave in the design of innovation parks, featuring a rich ferment of intellectual and creative capital, supporting distributed and open-source collaborations and collective intelligence networks, under an applied innovation theme. View SFIP’s presentation to the Applied Solutions Coalition 2009 Santa Fe Workshop on “Innovation Parks: Past, Present, and Future” here:

Programmatic Interests

SFIP projects may originate from internal or external sources, and from any discipline or sector. We seek to make substantial contributions to national and global progress in key systemic program areas, by helping to develop and launch projects with high potential for innovative solutions in such areas as:

  • Energy
  • Climate
  • Health
  • Education
  • Water Resources
  • Biodiversity
  • Sustainable Economic Development

Local, National, Global Impacts

SFIP is designed to produce tangible benefits and impacts at widely varying scales, from the immediate Santa Fe region to truly global systematic challenges, as follows:

Local: SFIP positions the Santa Fe area as a globally recognized center for creative problem solving, leveraging the region’s world-class scientific and creative resources. Solutions will typically be deployed locally at first, with the attendant benefits for the region.

National: SFIP serves as a national innovation center, supporting innovative efforts to solve pressing domestic problems, and the development of a U.S. strategy as an innovation leader in the global economy. Successful solutions will be scaled nationally when appropriate.

International: SFIP works with affiliated agencies, institutions, and individuals world-wide to find integrated approaches to global challenges; and to diffuse applicable solutions broadly with appropriate regionalization.

Public/Private Partnership

Reflecting its transdisciplinary and cross-sector structure, SFIP is a true Public/Private Partnership. Support and engagement from the public sector at the city, state, and federal levels, the social sector and philanthropic sector, and private sector engagement have been, and will continue to be crucial to SFIP’s fulfillment of its mission.

Our Sponsors

Los Alamos National Bank

Santa Fe Economic Development

Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck

John and Linda Massopust

Livingry Foundation