The Viejo/Nuevo initiative is developing a number of projects with various partners in both Santa Fe and Oaxaca. These are summarized below; the information will be updated as things progress and more projects are added, so please return often:

  • MIX Santa Fe brought its distinct brand of community engagement and crowdsourced solutions to Oaxaca for the 2015 CATAPULTA Festival, where “MIXaca” ignited the power of innovative networking, creative entrepreneurialism and people-powered policy. MIX is a 2015 recipient of the Bright Ideas Award from The Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation at the Harvard Kennedy School. The event was a tremendous success, and we are exploring structures for continuing MIXaca as a regular event.

  • Center for Cultural Technology (CCT): This partnership between the New Mexico Department of Cultural Affairs and the Department of Media Arts at New Mexico Highlands University will develop strategic relationships with Oaxaca institutions, and engage local partners, including museums and other cultural institutions, with Highlands students in hands-on cultural and community technology projects.
  • Santa Fe Art Institute (SFAI): With an emerging focus as a social hub, and programs addressing the most pressing social issues of our time, SFAI will create linkages and collaborations with Oaxacan artists, designers, and creative institutions interested in the intersection of their work with social innovation, and explore cross-border artist residencies and interactions. In particular, SFAI’s upcoming themed residency on Immigration / Emigration offers great potential for collaboration.
  • Monte de Sol Charter School’s LISTO (Language Institute for Sustainability and Transformative Education @ Oaxaca) program fostered digital media interactions between its current US-based cohort and their peers at CEDART high school in Oaxaca on issues of sustainability and social change in their communities, forming the basis for an event at the CATAPULTA festival in June 2015 in collaboration with Puente Mexico. LISTO is now developing LISTO for Teachers, which will offer immersive experiences in culture and language in Mexico for U.S. classroom teachers.
  • Microgrid Systems Laboratory has organized a collaborative group of Latin American entities working in the sustainable and community energy fields. This working group will explore challenges and opportunities in rural electrification in Latin America, where an estimated 32 million people have no access to electricity, and then work to develop a pilot project designed to showcase a community-driven, sustainable solution.
  • The V/N Seed Fund: Viejo/Nuevo seeks funding for a seed pool of capital that can be used to catalyze new projects, or match other sources of funding to complete a project. This fund will also be used to develop a contest for the most innovative ideas, and award seed funding as a prize.

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As a ground-breaking effort, Viejo/Nuevo falls outside the guidelines of most established funding sources. Please help support this work by making a donation, or consider a sponsorship opportunity for your organization. Your tax-deductable gift can be made directly at the New Mexico Community Foundation (from the “designation” pull-down menu, choose “Santa Fe Innovation Park-Viejo Nuevo”), and can be directed to any of the individual projects above (indicate them in the “dedication” field). Or contact the Project Director.


We are very grateful to our Viejo/Nuevo sponsors: